Get Cash Fast When You Sell House Now Seattle

sell house now Seattle

For several years, the housing market in Seattle was very generous to sellers.

But from June of 2017 to July of 2018 the number of homes on the market increased by nearly 50 percent. That number has continued to increase over the course of the year.

This caused a gradual stagnation in the market. It’s now become far more difficult to sell a home in Seattle unless you have the time and resources to compete with a lot of other homeowners who had the same idea.

The number of homes for sale in Seattle has increased every month for several months in a row. There are more homes on the market now than there has been in over ten years.

Does this mean you should give up on your dream of selling your house this year and moving to Hawaii? Or does it mean you’ll be stuck paying for a house that you don’t want for several more years?

Absolutely not because our company offers a safe and reliable alternative.

Sell House Now Seattle

sell house now in SeattleThe current state of the Seattle real estate market means that homeowners may be waiting for years to sell their houses. That’s bad news for people who need to move quickly or who can’t afford to maintain an extra house for that long.

Our company makes things easier by making fair cash offers to homeowners who want to sell. This completely eliminates the time-consuming process of waiting for a buyer.

It also means that you’re guaranteed to seal the deal, make some money, and move on with your life. Roughly 35 percent of traditional home offers fail before closing the deal.

During that time, the house is still costing the owner money and they may have even stopped showing it to new potential buyers.

The process of starting negotiations, making deals, and then having the deal fall through happens quite often in the real estate market.

But it doesn’t happen nearly as often when selling a house for cash. Less than five percent of cash deals fail and it’s often for very specific reasons.

Is It Right For You?

You may be wondering if you should sell house now Seattle or play the waiting game with the real estate market. That all depends on your circumstances and how much you are willing to lose.

Keep in mind that the Seattle market is still growing and has yet to reach a plateau. It’s unknown how long you could be waiting to sell a house on the market. And how many of those deals will fall through before finally securing a buy?

In comparison, you could start negotiations for a cash offer today. Our experts are more than willing to schedule a time to visit your home and make an offer.

There’s no need to hire a landscaper, stage the property, or leave cookies out for us. We buy homes in an as-is condition and then handle all of the work from there.

If you have the money and patience to wait years for a home to sell, then the market may be right for you, but if you want to sell your house now, then pick up the phone and call our office today.

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