How To Find A Register Of Wills in Washington DC

register of wills washington dc

When you have someone in your family pass on, you will need to have the legal paperwork that is necessary to transfer the assets that they have to the people that are documented in their will.

Some of them will have used a regular will, whereas others will be connected to a living trust. Either way, this documentation must be provided. In Washington DC, the registers of wills can be found in Wilmington Delaware.

It is located at the Lewis L Redding County building and their hours of operation are Monday through Friday.

Here is a little bit of information about what this is, what documents you will need, and how quickly you can get through what is more than likely a very troubling time.

What Is A Register Of Wills?


There are other names that this goes by including a register of probate. Probate refers to the fact that there is an estate of a deceased person, and this must be handled in a legal way.

All of their assets must be taken into account so that taxes can be assessed, and the remaining assets distributed to those that were part of their living will or trust.

For example, if there is real estate involved, all of the paperwork that will be necessary to transfer this to another person must be obtained at the register of wills Washington DC office which, according to the website, is in Wilmington as mentioned above.

Once you have gathered all of this information, and it is processed through that office, you can then move forward with the distribution of assets.

Large And Small Decedents’ Estates


Depending upon the size of the estate that is left, this can be categorized in a couple of different ways. If it is an ADM, which means a large decedents’ estate, this will be assets that are valued at over $40,000.

Small Decedents’ Estates or SEB is under $40,000, and all of this is based upon what it was valued at the time of their death.

This will look at all of their assets, and there are even ways of itemizing or determining the value of foreign assets, all of which will be discussed when you arrive at the office to talk to the people at the register of wills Washington DC office.

How Long Will It Take To Process Everything

register of wills washington The speed at which this will process will depend upon the volume of assets that must be assessed and dispersed.

The person in charge of the register of wills will be able to make this much easier.

You can stop in to talk to them about questions that you may have, but if you are actually going to open an estate via probate, an appointment is necessary.

You will have to contact them during regular business hours in order to set this up, and eventually resolve the situation.

Register of wills Washington DC information
can be found on the Internet.

It will provide you with a brief summary of what must occur. It discusses the register responsibilities and the services that are provided.

They also offer things like genealogy assistance, safekeeping of wills which should be there if this was done properly, and also education and outreach information.

If you have any questions at all, you can call the office during regular business hours to find out more information about how to proceed.

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